Intimate family time

We help develop a delightful and amusing time between family members, so we offer facilities for all members. We assure you that all members will enjoy their stay time in Jeddah Rivage.

Charming dancing fountain

We have two breathtaking wave-shaped dancing fountains seen from all sights where each is approximately 25-30 meters long. Not to forget our floating restaurants distributed along the shore.

Masters of delicious food

At Jeddah Rivage, you will find mouth-watering food. Respecting the different gourmet taste, each visitor will live their own toothsome experience due to convenient restaurants.

captivating event hall

You will find an immense event hall at Jeddah Rivage that fits your purpose with a sea view so you will be able to share your happiness with the people you love, not to neglect the sight of the dancing fountain.

Entertaining all age-groups

Every generation will find something amusing to do at Jeddah Rivage. We included all ages, where we have playgrounds for children, floating boats, restaurants, etc…

splendid facilities

No matter what you need, you will find in at Jeddah Rivage. We present you lots of parking slots, free Wi-Fi, mosques, bathrooms, walkway, etc

Epic outdoor stage

At Jeddah Rivage, you will be able to enjoy our shows/exhibitions in our open platform; while using our 15 meters long plasma screen and glimpsing our dancing fountains.

exceptional swan boats

if you need some time off, all you need to do is visit the swan floating boats at Jeddah Rivage. We guarantee that you will have a luxurious experience while driving our swan boats with our sea and dancing fountains view.